End Rabies, Now Na!

The Local Government of Mabini, Pangasinan with the assistance of Department of Health (DOH) Regional, Rural Health Unit (RHU) and Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) is conducting a municipal-wide program against rabies.

Agriculturist III, Madam Edna Lopez is currently conducting free mass vaccination and branding for dogs in every barangay of this town.

The mass vaccination for dogs started in Barangay Barlo on August 8 and will end on September 2, 2016 in Poblacion.

Madam Edna Lopez said that the anti-rabies team needs full cooperation of the pet owners. They want that all dogs in this town will be vaccinated. Dog owners should coordinate with their barangay officials for more details.

She also said that if someone misses the date of vaccination for their barangay, they should go to the Municipal Agriculture Office for walk-in vaccination.

If anyone is bitten, Rural Health Physician, Dr. Maribel R. Lazo, advises the owner to isolate the dog for at least 15 days and look for symptoms of rabies infection, which include paralysis of the throat and jaw muscles, foaming of the mouth, loss of appetite, seizures and sudden death.

For the victims, Miss Ruby Doria, PHO-Coordinator (Provincial Health Unit) on Rabies discourages victims from going to a tandok or albularyo. She advised to wash immediately the wound with soap and water for 15 minutes and disinfected with alcohol or betadine. They should be taken to the nearest health center in your place as soon as possible.

Quoting reports, DOH records show that total of 25 of human rabies in Region 1 resulted to death; Rank 2 in the in the Philippines. Two were from Mabini, Pangasinan.

Dogs are primary source of rabies transmission (74.9%), though cats (20.4%) and other warm blooded animals (9%) also carry the virus.

Miss Rachel Zarate of PHO also reminded the every pet owner to have their pets vaccinated against rabies annually and be responsible pet owners.

Mayor Alimar R. Briana is thankful to DOH Regional and RHU Mabini for having this this anti-rabies seminar because rabies is one of the town’s problems. Vaccination is free so he urges his town’s people to avail the program.

Source and more photos at: LGU-Mabini's FB page.

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