Nerve-breaking wallops, deadly spikes and tricky placing are the attraction in the two days Municipal Meet held in Mabini Town Plaza on August 25 and 26, 2016.

Hardworking Mayor Alimar R. Briana together with the youngest and competitive Vice Mayor Colin A. Reyes showed to every Mabinian their support in this year’s municipal meet by their warm welcome and letting the athletes occupy the whole town plaza.

Mayor Ali, in his speech he advised the athletes that they not only improve their skills in playing but they should also improve their attitudes. The athletes should show sportsmanship and play by abiding the rules of the game.

He also announced in that there is a plan to improve the town plaza so the students will have a better town plaza for the next municipal meet.

Vice Mayor Colin, also inspired the athletes by assuring that win or lose; all of the athletes are winner in his heart because they are the best athletes of Mabini. He also advised them to do their best in playing.

He also gives credit to the teachers on their support to the students and urges the teachers to be more patient in teaching them because they are the future generation and rulers of the town.

Before the District Supervisor Dr. Joey Caserial formally opened the Municipal Meet, he thanked our Almighty God for the good weather condition because according to him, it was been postpone for many times.

He also reminds the teachers and athletes to be careful to avoid accident. The teachers should monitor their players until the game is done. He give emphasis that teachers are the ones responsible for the students so they should be in the venue in day 1 and 2.

Another highlight of the program is the lighting of torch by Rocky Lopez, R1AA Sepak Takraw participant of Tagudin National High School.

ALIguas maCOLIN Mabini tandem is reckon to support good governance for the betterment of Mabinians and the town of Mabini.

Source and more photos at: LGU-Mabini's FB page.

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