Conforming to President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs, the Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) team of the Local Government of Mabini conducts school-based Information Education Campaign (IEC) on anti-drug abuse in six high schools of this town on October 11-13, 2016.

Information Education Campaign (IEC) for Day 1 was held at Barlo Integrated School and Bacnit Integrated School; Day 2 at Magalong National High School and Cabanaetan National High School and Day 3 at Tagudin National High School and Riverview High School.

MADAC Chairperson, Mayor Alimar R. Briana advised the students to stay away from drugs and focus on their studies. He shared his experiences when he was still studying and inspired them with his words of wisdom. He also said that poverty is not a hindrance to finishing their education.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Colin A. Reyes said in his speech that the students should engage with sports to avoid the temptation of prohibited drugs.

On the other hand, Rural Health Unit representative Mr. Kieth Balintos discussed the ill effects of prohibited drugs. He emphasized on the physical, emotional and behavioral changes that those illegal drugs bring to a person taking it. He also showed pictures of different illegal drugs and examples of bodies that were affected by drugs.

Unlawful acts and their penalties were also imparted by SPO1 Marlon Loresco. He focused on drug addiction and its legal consequences.

Vice Chairman, Mabini Police Chief PSI Fernan L. Rivera, started his lecture on the role of the Philippine National Police (PNP) by giving riddles about the national personalities that advocate in irradiating drugs. The student who can give the right answer will get a reward from him.

Ptr. Felipe Mendoza and Ptr. Romeo Baoanan, religious group representatives, discussed spiritual enhancement. They talked about the importance of home and family. They said, “Spiritual vacuum is a very vital reason on why people get involved in drugs. Open your hearts to Jesus and allow him to come into our heart.”

The Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO) and Master of Ceremonies for the whole campaign Madam Maricel A. Sison, together with her staff, organized the said event and monitored everything for it to work smoothly.

Source and more photos at: LGU-Mabini's FB page.

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