Mission accomplished! San Pedro – Bacnit Barangay road concreting project under the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) funded by Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) 2015 in partnership with the Local Government Unit was open at the project’s starting point on Tuesday, July 26, 2016.

With a budget of P 3,000,000.00 million pesos, the concreting of San Pedro – Bacnit will benefit three barangay people.

“Farmers will benefit from this project as it will lessen travel time and transport cost in bringing their produce to the market, resulting to better income and opportunities,” Municipal Engineer Raquel Estrada said.

Rice, fruits and different kinds of lowland vegetables that supply the Mabini Public Market are coming from Barangay Barlo, San Pedro and Bacnit.

The road connects the two barangays, namely, Bacnit and San Pedro.

Barangay captains of the said barangays are thankful on the project done on their area not only because of easier for the farmer but also to the students passing on that road.

According to a motorist, this road concreting project reduced the wear and tear of motor vehicles / tricycle that usually travel along the road line.

Source: LGU-Mabini's FB page.

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